Aluminum sample delivery, to provide customers with quality service and after-sales help, this is our advantage

19 Jan 2022

The price of solder has risen sharply recently, but we have sufficient stock and are producing solder bars quickly!

17 Jan 2022

18 Jan 2022

We are urgently producing aluminum wire electrodes, SSTS is packaged in white box and plastic tube, which is more firm and beautiful!

China Wholesale Wave Soldering Bar Sn60/Pb40 Tin Lead Solder Stick Low Temperature Welding Rod

14 Jan 2022

15 Jan 2022

SSTS not only supply the quanlity product, but also the good service.we are so sincerely to package the sample to try make better service .

Take you to appreciate the warmest place in China - Hainan, do you want to travel?

16 Jan 2022